September 20th - 22nd 2020 National Superintendents Forum,

RTM Blueprint

RTM Blueprint

RTM, BridgeMark’s sister company, produces educational white papers, available exclusively to past and present attendees and qualified industry leaders. These resources offer thought leadership around carefully curated topics that reflect the latest trends in your industry.

Advisory Board members participating in the ongoing events have compiled their experience in this format to share their knowledge. Each Blueprint is followed by an interactive presentation and feedback is gathered during the events which are then incorporated into the final version of the edited "blueprint", making it a collaborative process.

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Download RTM Blueprint 2019

The Marriage Between Academics and Technology: A Blueprint for Creating Powerful Partnerships

Raise the awareness of the natural silos that have historically existed between departments, specifically between academics and technology and the solutions for breaking down these silos to increase maximum learning opportunities for students.

Download RTM Blueprint 2018

Data Security & Privacy: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This paper explores the importance in protecting the privacy of student data and what key steps needed to take in order to ensure it.

Download RTM Blueprint 2017

Personalized Learning: A Blueprint for Success

This paper explores the dynamic shift in pedagogical practices, and the necessity for cohesion to ensure longevity for the personalized learning plan, as well as higher academic achievement